Texas Woman Making Huge Money On OnlyFans Acting Like A Dog

Back in June, I took on the official role of Outkick's OnlyFans reporter. I was given the title by the Outkick staff and since OnlyFans is so hot right now, it felt like job security. It's 2020, so here I am covering the story of rising star Jenna Phillips, 21, who makes big money acting like a dog for her subscribers. She told the Mirror that the money has been pouring in since she switched from a basic white girl OnlyFans account and got into the dog role-play genre. How good is business? Jenna claims she's making six figures MONTHLY.

As has been the case from my previous OnlyFans reporting -- UFC fighter joined to save her gym and racecar driver Renee Gracie joined to actually make money -- the custom videos is where the real cash is at. Ladies, you find an underserved niche like acting as if you're a dog and guys will make it rain beyond your wildest dreams. Jenna claims one custom video fetched $1,200.

With a monthly subscription fee of $20, Jenna has found a full-time job keeping guys entertained by jumping into rivers for balls, playing fetch at the park, licking water out of a dog dish, etc. One TikTok video shows Jenna begging for a dog treat and in another, she's in trouble for sleeping on a couch.

Look, I'm not going to judge the guys out there paying cash to watch Jenna act like a dog. It's not my thing, but the beauty of business is the marriage between customer and the entertainment provider. I love spending money playing bad golf. Some guys want to see Jenna licking out of a dog bowl. And we can each coexist in this world. Jenna has found something that, with some investment smarts, should set her up for the rest of her life. I'm not a mathematician, but six figures per month properly invested should mean tennis balls for the rest of her dog life.

Let this be a lesson to those of you out there who think there's no hope for reaching your financial goals. Get out there and find your path. Maybe you can be a squirrel burying nuts all over your backyard. Do a brainstorming session while loaded on hard seltzers. You'll come up with all sorts of craziness. Let your mind run wild like Jenna.


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