Straight Out Of A Movie: Alleged Russian Supply Ring Busted In New Hampshire

The federal government has allegedly disrupted a massive supply ring shipping gear and technology to Russia.

Merrimack, New Hampshire resident and Israeli citizen Alexey Brayman has been charged with allegedly "running an international smuggling ring that illegally funneled sensitive technology to Russia," according to the Boston Globe. His wife Daria has not been charged with a crime. Alexey was released on $150,000 bond and has given up his passport. Seven total people were charged. At least four other individuals have evaded capture as of Wednesday morning.

Brayman, who is from Ukraine, is accused of receiving and sending "advanced electronics and sophisticated testing equipment used in quantum computing, hypersonic and nuclear weapons development and other military and space-based military applications," according to the indictment Brayman was hit with in court.

Brayman is accused of helping Russia.

Investigators believe the technology being moved around could help nations make "significant contributions" to their military or nuclear capabilities, according to the same Boston Globe report. Brayman and multiple other individuals are facing charges of conspiracy, money laundering, smuggling, and bank and wire fraud. It's believed that Alexey Brayman also helped move rifle ammunition, which Russia desperately needs in the war against Ukraine. Semiconductors were also allegedly moved by Brayman, according to the same report.

The couple, who operated a popular Etsy hustle, allegedly shipped items received from the ring and then shipped the items to Estonia and Germany to evade sanctions.

The ring suppliers allegedly purchased the sensitive electronic devices that were sanctioned by "misleading sellers" about where the gear would end up, and then Brayman would allegedly move the items.

Does this sound like something straight out of a movie? This puts most spy thrillers to shame. The Boston Globe compared the situation to "The Americans," but that might be putting it too lightly.

The former FX show was fiction loosely inspired by some real events, operations, protocols and organizations.

Alexey Brayman and some others are accused of running an actual supply operation to get around sanctions on the Russian regime.

If there's one thing the federal government doesn't look lightly on, it's helping enemies of America. Brayman better have a grade-A attorney. He's definitely going to need one if he's guilty of what he's accused of.

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