Steven Souza Jr. Gives Fans On Wrigley Rooftop A Souvenir

It's so refreshing to see fans in Chicago get a souvenir baseball. It's just one of those things you don't see anymore now that fans are banned from MLB ballparks, but Cubs outfielder Steven Souza Jr. changed that Thursday night as he threw a ball into the rooftop bleachers on Sheffield Ave.

Now Rob Manfred's going to issue a warning to players about throwing balls onto rooftops and how it could injure someone who's not looking. There's an easy solution here: allow fans into Wrigley. The Cubs already have a plan in place.

Then Souza could just soft toss balls into the stands and we can all head back toward normalcy.

Want to catch a game via a rooftop? There's good news. Prices have dropped since July. $250 gets you into certain upcoming games. That's not too bad considering the ticket price includes all-you-can-eat and drink. I have faith that many of you guys can pound $100 in 312s and destroy the nacho bar.

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