Stephen Colbert Takes Dr. Fauci to Get Covid Booster on His Late-Night 'Comedy' Show

Stephen Colbert is the least funny late-night "comedian" remaining, following Trevor Noah's resignation from "The Daily Show."

Wednesday, Colbert hosted Dr. Fauci on CBS. The segment began with Colbert walking Fauci to a local Walgreens to get another Covid booster shot.

According to The Hill, Colbert ran the segment to encourage his viewers to get booster-up before winter. Colbert admitted later in the interview that he fears a dark winter of Covid awaits.

Here's what passes as "comedy" in 2022:

“Anthony Fauci: fully inoculated and boosted,” Colbert gleefully announced.

Imagine planning that segment and thinking it would either make viewers laugh or have any impact. 

First, no one laughed. The segment was cringe. The worst of it was watching the two older men walk side by side with their smirks.

Second, does Colbert think anyone who still watches him – and there are not many – isn't vaxxed to the max? We reckon it's not feasible to consume his program if you are anything but a frightened weasel who’s still hunkered down.

For example:

You probably figured the segment could not worsen after Fauci got the jab. Yet somehow it did.

Later, Colbert asked Fauci if he were confident he could win the 2022 Sexiest Man Alive award. Fauci did not have as much optimism as Colbert.

Stephen Colbert used to be an elite political satirist. He's now preachy like an Anderson Cooper or Chris Hayes type. 

Colbert embodies the problem with late-night television: it isn’t funny anymore. 

We published a column this week exploring the state of comedy. Never has there been more fodder for satire than now – from the wackiness of our failing culture to our incompetent leaders in Washington. 

Yet never have there been fewer personalities willing to joke about society. They are afraid. They figure they best stick to jokes about Donald Trump and white supremacy. Stephen Colbert certainly has. 

You can read our full column here to better understand the fall of Stephen Colbert:

If Cobert wanted to use his platform to better inform his viewers, we ought to wonder why he didn’t ask Fauci about a recent report. 

A new book from former White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern reveals that Fauci privately mocked the members of the public who followed his advice on Covid-19 and mask-wearing.

Morgenstern writes that Fauci joked at a dinner about people wearing a mask into a bar and then taking it off in between bites, as he himself advised.

Unfortunately, Colbert didn't find the report worth noting. Stephen Colbert is no longer funny, creative, or curious. He's a partisan hack – one who has used the platform David Letterman built to spread Covid hysteria for going on three years.

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