Stephen A. Smith: Ime Udoka Could Get Away With Improper Relationship With Woman If He Were White

According to Stephen A. Smith, it's racist that Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka faces a significant suspension

should not dare comment on black athletes committing violence, that the NFL discriminates against black players, and suggested people in Texas are racist for believing in a pro-American message. Spreading racial division pays well in sports media. Smith knows that. There's a great incentive to inject race where it does not fit. Still, it's unfortunate to see him stoop to the desperate levels of Bomani Jones and Sarah Spain. Unlike those two, Smith has not failed at every stop along the way of his career. He does need to rely on often racist commentary to make news. Yet that's the direction he has taken in his career. Moreover, it appears Smith is trying to save Ime Udoka's job by warning the NBA and Celtics that he will call them racist bigots should they discipline the coach for an inappropriate relationship. Stephen A. Smith is running interference into the investigation while also adding credibility to his status as a top-notch race baiter. Consider it a two for one.

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