'South Park' Drops Approval Ratings Of Harry And Meghan

The influence of comedy is when a creator can, through humor, sway public opinion. "South Park" still has that ability.

The approval ratings for Prince Harry and his wife have plummeted since a recent episode of "South Park" that mocked the couple. It was the most notable episode of the franchise since the "Post Covid" special in 2021.

Harry’s approval rating in the U.S. has fallen three points since the episode, down to -10. Longtime victim Meghan Markle now holds an approval rating of -17, reports the New York Post.

In December 2021, Harry’s rating was up 48 points and Markle’s was up 40 compared to now.

Meghan, in particular, has shown herself to be among the most spoiled figures in the public light. She demands sympathy despite living a life of privilege.

She's Don Lemon but better looking.

And now she wants to sue. Harry and Meghan are reportedly considering legal action against South Park for the hilarious portrayal.

The Spectator reports, "California sources claim that Meghan has spent the last few days ‘upset and overwhelmed’ about how she was portrayed.”

Translation: "South Park" portrayed her accurately. The slimy brat couldn't take it.

As OutKick writer Dan Zaksheske documented, the "South Park" episode follows "the Prince and Princess of Canada" going on a “World Privacy Tour.” They then beg people to leave them alone as they guest on many television shows.

“Meghan and Harry” enlist the help of a company that creates brands for people. Each of their brands includes the word “victim.”


"South Park" is the rare comedic brand that dares to satirize the privileged.

Elsewhere, "SNL "and late-night comedy have sacrificed quality humor to cater to a small minority of the staunchest and most intolerant of liberals.

Recent findings show that “SNL” refuses to make fun of Joe Biden and that late-night television has abandoned conservative guests and viewers. That describes not comedy but an arm of the Democrat Party.

See, "South Park" is neither liberal nor conservative. Rather, it derides all parties and figures. "South Park" is among the last great forms of comedy. It's certainly among the last forms of influential comedy.

Thus, what the show did to the already declining popularity of Harry and Meghan.

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