Sixth Woman Levies Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Andrew Cuomo

Yet another woman has stepped forward to accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct, bringing the total number to six.

Per the Albany Times Union, a supervisor in the Executive Chamber was made aware of the latest accuser, who alleged that Cuomo had touched her inappropriately late last year at the governor's mansion.

The woman had been called to the mansion to work. She is a member of the Executive Chamber staff, according to the Times Union.

"All allegations that we learn of directly or indirectly are going promptly to the investigators appointed by the attorney general," said Beth Garvey, acting counsel to the governor, via the Times Union.

All of the other five women alleging sexual misconduct by Cuomo have been identified. Most have discussed their accusations, some in great detail.

“Resign you disgusting monster,” accuser Lindsay Boylan tweeted on Saturday.

Boylan was the first former aide to go public with her allegations against the New York governor, writing about it on the website Medium last month. But five more have come forward since then — including two women on Saturday.

Charlotte Bennett and Anna Ruch followed Boylan with sexual misconduct allegations. Bennett was another former aide, while Ruch encountered Cuomo at a 2019 wedding. After those two, Cuomo apologized publicly, but he said during the same press conference he had no intention of resigning.

“Karen Hinton, a former press aide to Cuomo, described being invited into Cuomo’s hotel room in 2000, when the Democrat was Bill Clinton’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development,” FOX News reported. “Cuomo embraced her, but she pulled away and left, she told The Washington Post.

“Ana Liss, another former aide to Cuomo, claimed the governor touched her inappropriately and kissed her hand, and asked questions about her private life. The governor made her feel like ‘just a skirt,’ she told The Wall Street Journal.”

Along with all that, the Cuomo administration is in serious hot water after altering a report on the death toll of New York nursing home patients from COVID-19.

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