SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey Sends Message to Big Ten and Pac-12

The wave had been building for a few days, but it crested today. The Big Ten and Pac-12 appear poised to cancel football season. There was a lot of concern or hope -- depending on how you read these things -- that their doing so would pressure the SEC, Big 12, and ACC into doing the same. Initial reports from Dan Patrick and the Detroit Free Press indicated Big Ten presidents voted 12-2 to cancel the season. Now Pete Thamel is saying not so fast. A wave of players, coaches, administrators, and politicians have been pushing back, saying they want to play.

Now, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey tweeted a statement that pushes back on the idea of canceling the season, at least in the immediate term:

Sankey is telling the truth here. It's notable that his conference of football zealots postponed their season to September 26th as the Big Ten released an initial schedule with no delays (but some wiggle room for them). Then just a couple days go by before they want to cancel entirely. Sankey is honest in saying that no one knows whether they CAN get a season in this Fall. He's also right that it's too soon to declare that they CAN'T.

Let's see if the Big Ten and Pac-12 forge ahead with formally canceling football season, if it's not assured their Power Five counterparts will do the same.

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