Ryan Clark Tries To Troll OutKick Readers -- Clay Travis Wasn't Havin' It

Former NFL Pro Bowler and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark may co-host an MMA podcast in his spare time, but on Thursday, he decided to punch well below his weight class.

It was a bad decision.

Clark, who was obviously bored during round one of the NFL Draft, decided to hit up his Twitter mentions at OutKick and engage with a random poster who made an off comment about Clark's upbringing.

That's when OutKick founder Clay Travis decided to step in and see whether Clark was willing to go mano-a-mano with someone his own Twitter influencer size.

It turns out no. Clark didn't want to spar with Clay. Heck, he couldn't even handle working alongside his own ESPN colleague, Sage Steele, for a short SportsCenter segment because she has opinions he doesn't like.


Check it out as Clay punches back and stuns Clark into social media silence:


Clark never responded. He suddenly must've become too engrossed in the NFL Draft once again to care about his mentions. Weird.

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