Person Of Color Runs Over Doctor, Then Stabs Him To Death Over 'White Privilege': Witness

On Wednesday, surveillance video recorded a sedan mowing down a bicyclist in California. The man driving the sedan then exited the vehicle and stabbed the bicyclist to death.

The attack occurred shortly after 3 p.m. at Pacific Coast Highway and Crown Valley Parkway. The footage shows the victim, Dr. Michael John Mammone, flying over the hood upon the collision:

Police have since arrested a suspect named Vanroy Evan Smith. Authorities confirmed Smith got out of his car brandishing a knife to inflict more pain upon a dying Mammone.

Officers are still gathering information relating to the incident. But a motive has emerged.

The outlet ABC7 spoke with a neighbor near the attack. The woman says she and her family ran outside when they caught the sounds of a collision. There, they heard the suspect uttering racial slurs about "white privilege" as he stabbed Dr. Mammone to death.

For a society so desperate to cite examples of racism, they need not look any further.

A person of color just ran over a white man, got out of his vehicle to stab him repeatedly, and -- per an independent witness -- yelled racial slurs about his whiteness while killing him.

Of course, the skin tones of the suspect and victim are inconvenient to those who've made a career of stoking racial hysteria.

The Joy Reid, Al Sharpton, and Bishop Talbert Swan types have no use for a person of color killing a white man on the basis of race.

In fact, said race hustlers are the ones inciting violence toward various white victims.

The witness says Smith railed against "white privilege" while sticking the knife into the doctor. White privilege is a myth. It doesn't exist. It hasn't in decades.

Yet opportunistic public figures have instilled fear among minority groups that such a plague looms over them as if they are prey.

We spoke about this topic on Thursday as Jemele Hill warned young black Americans at Vanderbilt University. She told them the police are "by design" not there to protect them.

Hill fueled fear among black students, encouraging them to take matters into their own hands because racist police will not.

See, if the Left can accuse the Right of inciting violence against minority people by disputing baseless claims of racism, then the Woke ought to bear the burden of a man losing his life because of a narrative that white people are dangerously "privileged."

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