People Want Out Of California, And The Numbers Show It

California has been a state since 1850. That means that in early September, it will have been 171 years since that move to statehood. Officials haven't been counting population figures that long, but they've been keeping up with it for quite a while.

On Friday, California's Finance Department revealed something interesting. For the first time since at least 1900, the state's population actually decreased. Almost 200,000 people -- 182,000, to be exact -- left, leaving the population at just below 39.5 million, according to Yahoo News.

Like with most things, excuses are being made for the decline. Here are a few snippets from that article.

What do we expect them to say? Good luck getting the state to admit that its poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic had anything to do with it, even though we all know it absolutely did.

Unnecessary COVID-19 restrictions were  not the only contributing factor in the decline though. Caitlyn Jenner, who is now running for Governor of California, recently told Fox News that it was also partly the result of the homeless population.

There are many factors involved, but let's not ignore how many residents in that state, such as Joe Rogan, want out due to the lockdowns, high taxes and overall incompetence of the government. But like a lot of other things, don't expect to hear the whole truth.

I'm sure a vast majority of those left in the state are currently thrilled with Governor Gavin Newsom.

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