Penn State AD Not Sure If Big Ten Ever Actually Voted to Cancel Season

The circumstances of the alleged Big Ten vote to cancel the football season have been hazy for a week. Last Monday, Dan Patrick and the Detroit Free-Press both reported that the conference voted 12-2 to cancel, with Iowa and Nebraska being the lone holdouts. Then the Big Ten denied there had been a vote, and reports emerged that Ohio State would not vote to cancel yet.

And now Penn State's athletic director Sandy Barbour is telling reporters on a Zoom call she's not even sure there was ever a vote at all:

If this gives you some hope that the Big Ten will reverse course and un-cancel the season -- something they should absolutely be considering in light of a new potentially game-changing saliva test -- well, not so fast:

This just continues to be an extremely bizarre story that the Big Ten canceled the season so swiftly, and it is not one that is going to go away anytime soon.

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