Padres Star Manny Machado Rocks 'Let's Go Brandon' T-shirt

If he weren't already a Gold Glove winning infielder, Padres star Manny Machado would probably fight right in as a right fielder. Or at least as a fielder on the Right.

Machado was recently photographed rocking a t-shirt that tells you all you need to know about his thoughts on President Joe Biden.

During some down time at spring training, Machado traded his bat for a microphone, and his uniform for some much more casual attire -- shades and an always fashionable 'Let's Go Brandon' T-shirt. As great as the Padres' in-game threads are, even they can't compete with this stylish and not so subtle ensemble.

Machado is just the latest big name to rock the phrase that's become synonymous with President Biden. Over the weekend, Kid Rock led a crowd of bar goers in a "Let's Go Brandon" chant.

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Brandon Brown will spend the 2022 season in a "LGB" car sponsored Chevy.

When laundry day strikes Machado, Kid Rock can't find a microphone or Brown needs some new driving tunes, they can still pass along the "Let's Go Brandon" message just by opening their iTunes account. At one point last fall, there were four "Let's Go Brandon" songs atop the charts.

Oh, and before we forget -- if you want to look like Machado, OutKick has got your back. No, we can't hire you a personal trainer, buy you designer shades or give you a tight fade, but we can point you to some remarkably stylish "Let's Go Brandon!" shirts.



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