OutKick Fantasy Football Week Two Recap

Two weeks of OutKick fantasy football are in the books and a new loser has emerged. Punishments were served and discipline awaits an OutKick old timer.

Like Nick Chubb failing to milk the clock, let's dive in!

Yours truly (owner of Writers Block) went from worst-to-first, finishing with the league's highest Week Two score (181.88). On the opposite end of the spectrum, an OutKick OG, Jonathan Hutton (Kardashians Backfield) registered the league's lowest point total (69.20). Fittingly, Hutton's whooping came at the hands of his OutKick360 co-host Chad Withrow (The Chadillacs).

Hutton's team somehow found a way to limp to the finish line despite starting such superstars as Trey Lance, Rex Burkhead and D.J. Chark...

Fantasy Punishment Awaits

Kardashians Backfield's ass-backwards performance means Hutton is in-line for an embarrassing punishment (more on that in a bit). Every week the unlucky OutKick contributor whose team registers the lowest score earns themselves a punishment.

These punishments are suggested by OutKick followers.

Up first: the "Donald Trump Challenge."

An Unusual Fantasy Football MVP

Some would've considered Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown (41.40 points) or Stefon Diggs (46.80) the Week Two fantasy MVP, but they'd be wrong. No one did more Week Two work than the Tums that allowed me to battle back from worst to first.

Fantasy Punishment Awaits

As noted above, this week's loser was Hutton's poor-performing squad. And because of his woeful performance, he'll be taking in something much worse than a table full of McDonald's. Hutton, per a fan suggestion from last week's Auburn tailgate, will be using his voice for something other than OutKick360.

Hutton will soon be dressing as Harry Styles and performing one his many bangers live from a Walmart intercom. Oh, and for those not in the know - Styles often wears dresses on stage. Get those legs shaved Hutton!

Odd as that may seem, it's likely the most normal thing you'll stumble across at Walmart this week.

Shrewd Move

As everyone began preparations for Week Three, Grayson Weir's squad (No Punt Intended) did their best to avoid a possible late-season place in the punishment line. Weir snagged suspended Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins from the free agent pile, dropping Bills WR Jamison Crowder to do so.

A smart stash by Weir who's banking on late-season returns from the talented wide out. And now the rest of the league is left to wonder: who or what else is Grayson stashing? Stay tuned.

If you want to follow along with OutKick's fantasy league all season long, you can do so here.

Is it time to ask OutKick founder Clay Travis why he's yet to make a move? Clay can't be comfortable continuing to start Ryan Tannehill, can he? Maybe it's time he puts Dalvin Cook on the trade block and punt on this season? Your move, Clay.

Three Undefeated Teams Remain

Through two weeks, only three OutKick teams remain as blemish-free as a newborn baby.

One Last Thing

Last week I tossed out the idea of having next season's OutKick fantasy football draft in Phoenix. But unless Joe Kinsey (Better Business Burrow) decides to invite us for some garage beers and T.J. Houshmandzadeh selections, I think Denver may be a better location.

Denver, let's ride!

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