Outkick Early-Game NFL Headlines

The first early window of the NFL season is in the books. Here are Outkick's top headlines:

Mitch, We Thought You Sucked?

We may still be right.

Mitch Trubisky's first three quarters were horrific. It lit a fire under NFL Twitter. Then, late in the game, the Lions blew a double-digit like the frauds they are.

Lions fans — if any are left — weren't even disgusted. It felt fitting. Not that it doesn't hurt just a little more when it comes at the hands of Mitch.

Trubisky is terrible; the Lions are worse.

David J. Chao explained how injuries led to the epic collapse:

Tanking is Hard

The Jags gave up on the 2020 season before the end of 2019. The failing franchise got rid of everyone for one: Trevor Lawrence.

Jacksonville's few loyal fans embraced the plan:

Yet, they lost. By lost, I mean won. They defeated the Colts and hurt their chances to secure the first-overall pick before Thanksgiving.

Blame it on the man with the mustache.

Aaron Rodgers: Middle Finger Emoji

That's it. Rodgers sent that out to the entire NFL and, in particular, his front office. Rodgers was the best player on any field Sunday.

Jordan Love's future predecessor clowned the Vikings worse than Twitter clowns Mark Cuban.

No, he is not.

Just an ordinary four-touchdown game.

Nameless is better

Word dropped before the game the Washington Football Team may remain nameless. Who can blame them? Dan Snyder can't think of anything better. Plus, this afternoon, Washington crushed the hearts of Philly fans. After falling down 17-0, Washington scored 27 straight and stuck it to the Eagles.

Here's the humblebrag:

What's your Week 1 headline?

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