Of USA's 30 Most Dangerous Cities, 27 Are Run By Democrats

Democrats overwhelmingly control the most dangerous cities in America, according to new research. Defund the police is going swimmingly isn't it?

Progressive prosecutors, far-left mayors and activist city councils have worked their magic.

According to the Heritage Foundation, as of June 2022, homicide rates are overwhelmingly highest in Democrat-run cities.

Just two of the top 22 are run by Republicans, with one run by an Independent:

What might be even more impressive about this achievement is that in many cases, Democrats have run these cities for decades.

For example, New Orleans has had a Democratic mayor for 150 years. That's not an exaggeration; every, single mayor of the city has been a Democrat since 1872.

It now ranks first in the country for homicide rate.

Baltimore has had a Democratic mayor for 55 years, ever since 1967.

Democrats Help Create Dangerous Cities

General lawlessness has become the norm in many cities run by the left.

Just recently, a student was stabbed multiple times at a high school in New York state. Instead of helping, classmates watched and recorded it.


It's no surprise that crime has become one of the key issues for midterm voters.

Homicide trends have also been heading in the wrong direction. After years of cities becoming safer, pandemic restrictions and the rush to defund police departments after the death of George Floyd have reversed the positive changes.

Now Democratic-controlled cities like Chicago continue to get more dangerous as police leave the force in huge numbers.

Obviously, not every murder is directly attributable to political incompetence. But supposed "reforms" have certainly contributed.

Eliminating cash bail, accepting the decline in quality of life, and refusing to prosecute any number of crimes has been a disaster.

And instead of focusing on fixing the problems they've created, Democrats are ignoring voters concerns to focus on January 6th.

Hopefully, the seemingly inevitable Republican takeover of congress is the wake-up call they need to accept reality.