NYC Finally Allows Unvaccinated Students To Attend Prom

New York City is still chipping away at its ridiculous COVID-19 restrictions.

On Monday, high schools finally received the OK from NYC Mayor Eric Adams to resume prom season without a vaccine mandate

The mayor decided to do away with the guideline a day after City Council members pushed back on the ordinance prohibiting unvaccinated kids from attending their prom.


As of Sunday, the decree had still been in place, and many feared that the guideline would extend into the upcoming prom season as COVID cases have ticked up throughout the Big Apple recently.

“Since restaurants and catering facilities are no longer required to verify vaccination status, why would an otherwise eligible group of people be barred from entering simply because it is organized by a school?” a letter filed by the council members remarked. 

“Please, explain to us where the danger lies and how it differentiates from any other group entering a catering facility, or how catering facilities pose a more significant threat to students than their school buildings.”

Adams announced the update on Monday, quelling fears of continued restrictions as end-of-year festivities such as prom and graduations welcome large crowds.

“I am thrilled that, starting this year, every one of our young people will have the chance to celebrate all of their hard work with a prom and graduation, regardless of vaccination status,” Adams said in a news release on Monday.

Guests attending graduation in a school building are still required to be vaccinated, the release states.

Individuals in NYC also pointed out the double standard set by allowing some, but not all, of NYC residents to abide by certain NYC requirements.

“This is a positive step,” Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) followed up on Monday.

“Allowing kids to participate in normal high school traditions are a big part of returning to normalcy — the prom is normal, and I’m glad that students will be able to have fun and awkward photos.”

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