NFL Should Spend More Time Preventing Concussions than Promoting BLM

The NFL is again embracing pandering causes like Black Lives Matter this season, despite data that says fans disapprove. And the decision is causing a ruckus in media and comedy circles. We've heard already from Bill Maher and the whacky Whoopi Goldberg. Now, Bill Burr has weighed in.

"Dude, how funny is it that the NFL has Black Lives Matter written on the back of their helmets as they also make the predominantly black league play an extra football game every year after all the shit they know about CTE," Burr said on his Monday Morning podcast.

Well, that's because the NFL doesn't actually believe in these narratives. These narratives are not real. They are tools used to spread division for political gain.

See, the athletes are useful idiots for the Left, while the owners use social justice messaging as a shield from the mob. The Left is using the players, and the owners are using the Left. It's a circle of cowardice.

I discussed this on The FirstTV's I'm Right with Jesse Kelly Monday:

As for the CTE part of Burr's rant, the NFL has done well protecting its players from concussions with recent rules changes. But head injuries remain a far greater threat to NFL players than "racism" in a league that is approximately 75% black. Nevertheless, it's easier to write "End Racism" in the end zones than "Don't Lead With Your Helmet."


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