New York Times Creates Hilarious Instructional Guide to Help Liberals Cope With Losing Midterms

The 2022 midterm elections are finally here, and liberals are already forming support groups to cope with expected losses.

The New York Times, which has become the leading voice of the progressive left, contributed to the hilarious discourse Tuesday.

With Democratic enemies Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio easily coasting to re-election, the Times did its best to placate its base.

Here it is, in all its glory, some "evidence-based strategies" to help "cope" with the stress of the midterms:

It's hard to imagine anything more embarrassing than this.

This is what happens when politics become a religion, you lose all perspective.

Very online Democrats have spent the past two years claiming that DeSantis is actually "DeathSantis." So as they watch him coast to re-election on the back of demonstrable competence and effective leadership, all they can do is "breathe like a baby."

Midterm Pain for Democrats

DeSantis and Rubio are just the start of what could be a disastrous midterms for Democrats.

Joe Biden's incompetence, senility and demonstrable failures are inarguable. Forcing him out into the public to campaign during midterms has led to endless embarrassments and classic Biden gaffes.

Beyond his usual verbal mistakes, he's resorted to simply making things up:


The Democrats have also lied to the public about these elections being the "end of Democracy" if the wrong party wins.

Inflation and other economic pressures are far more important than nonsensical fear-mongering, and as a result, many have tuned out their messaging. Parents are also fed up with radical gender and race ideologies dominating schools.

In their efforts to please the Twitter left, Democrats have abandoned common sense and rationality.

No wonder The Times is telling its base members to shove their faces into a bowl of ice water. It's easier than looking themselves in the mirror.