MSNBC Won't Comment on Tiffany Cross Failed Tua Race-Bait

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross said Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion proves that "white coaches" do not protect "black bodies" like his.

That was quite the statement for two reasons: 1) Tagovailoa is Samoan. He's not black. 2) His coach, Mike McDaniel, is not white. He's biracial.

But as the rules of wokeness go, you shall never let facts prevent the spread of racial hysteria. After all, alleging that a biracial coach put a Samoan player at risk wouldn't have played as well with Cross' fringe viewers.

On Wednesday, OutKick asked MSNBC for comment on Cross' idiocy. Or if it would correct her inaccurate race-bait. Unfortunately, the network refused to respond or address the comment.

OutKick will update this story if some company stooge changes their mind. We hope they do.

Viewers do not expect intelligent dialogue from MSNBC -- they turn to the network for faux outrage and updates on the hierarchy of victimhood. However, misreporting the skin colors of two subjects in one segment as means to declare white supremacy is a questionable tactic even for MSNBC.

Perhaps the network worries about the precedent correcting baseless accusations of racism would set. MSNBC would prefer not to address struggling primetime host Joy Reid spewing racist inaccuracies on the daily.

Cross' segment on Tagovailoa embodies the issue of creating a program around a one-dimensional host. Calling white people racist against black people is the only tool at Cross' disposal. She has nothing else to add to the conversation.

Column: The demand for racism outstrips the supply.

Cross created a brand around the hypothesis that modern American society is unbelievably racist. And because there are so few examples to prove this statement, it forces her to dig deep, exaggerate, and manufacture racism.

Luckily for her, she's never much cared for the truth. Nor has MSNBC, as evidenced by its silence on Tiffany Cross' failed race-bait attempt.

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