Mike Leach Provides Game-Like Breakdown Of His Own Dance Moves

Christmas is still a month away, but Mississippi State coach Mike Leach is already handing out presents. Just weeks after providing media members with an epic takedown of candy corn, Leach gifted everyone on social media more press conference gold, securing his spot on the nice list. This time, Leach bypassed treats and instead directed his thoughts towards some sweet dance moves – his own.

“I figured, I better comply,” Leach said when discussing his players’ insistence that their coach join them for a celebratory dance after last Saturday’s win over Auburn.

Leach then briefly two-stepped his way through the Bulldogs’ locker room, and the video of his performance went viral. By Monday afternoon, the 60-year-old coach had already found time to break down the film.

“A bunch of our players love to dance and the music’s going and all that,” said Leach. “And then they try to get me to do it. And I was afraid they might dump something over my head if I didn’t. Ya know, like water and, worst of all, Gatorade. So I figured I better comply, which I did.”

Leach then turned his attention to technique.

“I started out just trying to walk in place, and that was clearly not satisfactory with my captors,” added Leach. “I tried to bring the knees a little higher. And then I got the hands up to try and finish the deal off. I do think I outdid Elaine on Seinfeld. As soon as I thought I was safe to stop, I did and let them have a great time.”

High knees! Are you kidding me? Who needs Santa when you have Coach Leach handing out freebies? If Leach ever tires of coaching, Dancing with the Stars would be a hell of a lot more interesting with his "hands up to try and finish the deal off."

Leach truly is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

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