Meta Being Sued By Investor For Not Being Woke Enough

It's always funny to see the left attack each other for not being liberal enough, and it's even better when it comes to social media platforms.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is facing a new lawsuit from a shareholder activist, who, according to a Bloomberg report, "says the directors put profit over public safety, broad economic welfare and the interest of diversified stockholders."

The lawsuit alleges that the company focuses too much on making money and not enough on their first responsibility, enforcing whatever liberals want:

"He alleges that the leaders of the world’s largest social media company have pursued an 'outdated' approach to financial success that disregards the “high costs that Meta imposes on society and the economy."

Apparently, making money is no longer what "modern shareholders" want most out of their investments, as the lawsuit claims that there are "modern financial interests" Meta's not following:

"Modern stockholders have modern financial interests in the equity capital that they own, and the company must advance those interests to uphold its duties to Meta’s owners."

The lawsuit also claims that Meta should have done more to censor "vaccine disinformation," saying that it hurts global GDP.

Clown World

Just when you think the world can't get dumber, rich liberals find a way.

Of course, companies shouldn't focus on making profits, they should focus instead on censorship and enforcing cultural liberal consensus on every major issue of the day.

It makes perfect sense for some of the world's largest corporations to ignore what actually keeps them in business; making money.

Profit should always come after the responsibility of modern corporations to be enforcers of whatever social initiatives the left has created.

As absurd as it sounds, this is legitimately what extremely wealthy investors are claiming.

It's even more absurd considering Meta has continuously moved further down the path of censorship and protecting the agenda of the left.

Famously, they censored the Hunter Biden laptop story to help protect Joe Biden, and worked with Anthony Fauci and the CDC to spread misinformation about COVID policy to their users.

But that's apparently not enough to placate the extreme woke wing of the activist investor class.

Based on Meta's past actions, the lesson they'll learn from this won't be to ignore calls to engage in further restrictions on free speech, it'll likely be to censor more and bow to the wishes of "modern" shareholders.

This makes Elon Musk's Twitter look that much more desirable.

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