Max Muncy Had a Spectacular Reaction for Tony La Russa After Hitting a Home Run

Earlier today, White Sox manager Tony La Russa made one of the most bewildering managerial decisions you'll ever see, deciding to intentionally walk the Dodgers' Trea Turner with a 1-2 count.

While Turner launched a home run in yesterday's game and has been one of the hottest Dodger hitters of late, this was the first intentional walk issued on a 1-2 count since tracking began 34 years ago, according to baseball writer Joe Sheehan:

The walk brought Max Muncy up to the plate with two on and hilariously, La Russa's choice immediately backfired, leading to a 3-run home run to the opposite field.

As if one of the more indefensible intentional walks in recent memory wasn't entertaining enough, Muncy had a fiery, expletive laden reaction for the White Sox manager as he crossed home plate:

It doesn't appear he took too kindly to the disrespect.

Remarkably, La Russa defended the decision in his post game press conference, expressing surprise that fans would be critical of his choice:

Trea Turner is hitting .227 this year with two strikes and somehow Tony La Russa claimed his two strike batting average was the explanation for putting him on to face Muncy.

Getting a hitter to two strikes is always the goal for a major league pitcher, especially when the count is 1-2. Yet La Russa inexplicably treated the situation like the White Sox were at a disadvantage after getting Turner behind in the count.

But beyond the predictable outcome and baffling "logic," Muncy's reaction was unquestionably the best part of the entire sequence of events.

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