Little Red Lying Hood Gets Her Own MSNBC Show: 'Inside With Jen Psaki'

Jen Psaki received a promotion.

MSNBC is giving the lying former Biden press secretary a new show on Sundays at noon. "Inside With Jen Psaki," they plan to call it.

("Does branding not matter? "Circle Back with Jen Psaki" -- it's Marketing 101.)

Psaki joins Symone Sanders, another former spokesperson of the Biden administration, in the weekend lineup. Expect Karine Jean-Pierre to grace us with her television presence on MSNBC one day soon.

Changes to the weekend lineup come after the network fired Tiffany Cross late last year. Cross was openly racist toward white people during her stint at MSNBC. She also didn't have an audience. Most overt racists do not.

Nonetheless, MSNBC hopes Psaki can bring name recognition to the lineup. Little Red is if nothing else well known.

The channel currently consists of personalities with hardly notable Q-ratings. It lacks star power. Rachel Maddow, the face of the network, now hosts only once a week. And the ratings have suffered as a result

CNN gets most of the attention, thanks to Don Lemon's cheer caption attitude, but the struggles at MSNBC ought to be just as newsworthy.

MSNBC collapsed in 2022. It shed 22 percent of its audience during an election year.

The network fails to resonate with viewers no in their 60s. Among viewers in the 18-49 demographic, MSNBC drew a mere 85,000 in 2022. That's a 40 percent decline, and an average lower than at CNN.

Like CNN, MSNBC lacks a promising bench of hosts. Rachel Maddow 2.0 is not waiting for her own show.

The network hopes Jen can one day be that person. After all, lying has worked well for the channel.

Never was MSNBC more relevant than following the 2016 election with its role in promoting the Russia Hoax.

Psaki is indifferent to the truth, not all that charming, condescending, and perpetually on edge. Suffice to say, Little Red fits in the MSNBC lineup quite well.

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