Kendrick Perkins Is Privileged, Unhinged And Unintelligent: Bobby Burack

Kendrick Perkins is coming unhinged. He's ignorant of his own privilege.

The now ESPN analyst has tripled down on his opinion that we must question if white NBA players only win MVPs on the basis of a racial bias in the voting pool.

He had hoped the media would better support his race bait. Instead, fellow analyst JJ Redick embarrassed him on ESPN Tuesday. Charles Barkley then slammed him for his desperation.

Perkins has not handled the backlash well. He spent the afternoon on Twitter fighting with trolls, deleting tweets, and retweeting random accounts that diminished the success of white players.

First, Perkins threatened to unveil secrets about former NBA coach George Karl.

Karl better not disagree with Perkins again. If he does, Perk might reveal what he knows and probably add in some nasty rumors.

The latter individual has the emotional stability of a prom queen runner-up.

Perkins then suggested that those who criticize him for his reckless rant on white athletes are children of "ENTITLEMENT" and "PRIVILEGE."

But again, the reaction was not as he hoped. He quickly deleted the tweet after a classic ratio.

Of course, screenshots live forever:

Similarly, he took down a response to Karl:

Perkins also deleted a demented video in which he continues to degrade former white MVPs:

Most notably, Perkins responded to former NBA player Andrew Bogut who mocked him for tap dancing while Redick smoked him in plain sight.

According to Perkins, he handled his segment with Redick the way he did because, unlike some people, meaning white people, he doesn't have "the same PRIVILEGE."

However, he deleted that tweet too. He was ratio-ed anew.

It's particularly mockable to see someone cite white privilege when it comes to speaking on television about the NBA on ESPN.

The last week, with Perkins, proves the opposite true.

Privilege is getting away with matters that would cost others their careers. And ESPN allowed Perkins without consequence to spew baseless racial hysteria that borders on racism.

Can you imagine if a white analyst said that Lamar Jackson benefits from a primary black NFL television media?

Fired before the end of the segment. Canceled for life.

Ironically, Perkins shared tweets from Mark Jones on Tuesday in support of his commentary. Mark Jones is also living proof that privilege at ESPN exists, but in the antithesis form of white privilege.

Ultimately, Perkins has proved to be a poor hire by ESPN. He's not intelligent enough to produce cohesive arguments (see here). His thoughts are unorganized.

He's territorial about white players impeding on an overwhelmingly black league. There's evidence to suggest he's a racist.

Perkins doesn't have the maturity to handle himself like a professional in the aftermath of backlash he incited.

Posting deranged tweets, deleting them, and threatening to blackmail critics shows a man unstable emotionally.

But he's in luck. ESPN fears reprimanding him. The network fears the inevitable backlash it'd received for toning down a black man for spewing racial animosity, as baseless as his grievances are

It's called privilege. Or PRIVILEGE, Perkins would say.

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