Joy Reid Says She Knows For a Fact Climate Change is to Blame for Hurricane Ian

MSNBC host Joy Reid declared that climate change is fueling Hurricane Ian.

I know, it's disappointing to see her blame a phenomenon other than demonic white supremacy for the disaster.

Per Reid, there is "no doubt" -- zero, none -- that climate change caused the severity of Ian, a Category 4 storm that hit Florida on Wednesday.

“There is a lot that has changed about the earth that has made these things worse, right? These things are thriving because the water is getting warmer. We stopped calling it global warming for political reasons, but that’s what it is. Our earth is getting warmer, and there’s just no doubt." Reid said.

Do you, too, turn to Reid for information on the climate? Or is it just me?

Reid's "argument" mirrors that of demoted CNN host Don Lemon. On Monday, Lemon made the same case to the director of the National Hurricane Center. But the segment didn't go so well for Mr. Lemon.

Take a look:  

There's a valid argument that Reid is even dumber than Lemon. However, she's smart enough to only book guests on her show who wouldn't dare put her in her place.

While hurricane and British royals experts continue to dunk on Lemon on his soon-to-be-canceled program, Reid keeps her guest list to a group as shallow as herself.

Take Ali Velshi for example. Velshi nodded along as Reid pretended to play meteorologist. He said he respected that she was willing to talk about climate change as Floridians run for their lives.

“It’s good we talk about these things in the moment because lots of times over the years when I brought it up, people say, ‘Now is not the time to talk about it.’ Now is the time to talk about it because people are paying attention to how damaging these things are," says Velshi.

I wonder if MSNBC would allow Velshi to appear on Don Lemon's upcoming morning show? Lemon could use Velshi's friends and family as viewers, if nothing else.

It's unfortunate that dorks like Reid and Lemon and this Velshi dude must politicize the hurricane, in the moment, as it causes devastation in Florida cities.

Millions of citizens have had to evacuate. Power is down across the state. People are frightened for their safety.

This is an emergency -- the real kind of national emergency.

Yet MSNBC and CNN see the suffering of Floridians as a means to push their political conjecture. They do not care about the lives the Hurricane wrecks. They see the storm only as an opportunity for political and status gain.  

A TV host shall never miss a chance to spread climate change and racial hysteria. Joy Reid certainly never would.

Again, we are so very disappointed she didn't find a way to blame white people for the hurricane.

Perhaps tonight?

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