Josh Primo Under Investigation for Sexual Misconduct by San Antonio Police

The case of former San Antonio Spurs player Josh Primo continues to unfold.

Primo has been accused of exposing himself multiple times to different women, including Spurs psychologist Dr. Hillary Cauthen. Now the San Antonio Sheriff's Department has gotten involved, opening an investigation into the allegations:

Cauthen filed a lawsuit recently against both Primo and the Spurs which contained a number of interesting details about the alleged incident:


One such revelation is that head coach Gregg Popovich, who has been an outspoken proponent of far left political causes, said he "wanted to do right by her."

However Cauthen's concerns were seemingly ignored, with the team's general manager taking months to meet with her.

Primo Investigation Extremely Important

The Bexar County Sheriff's investigation is an important next step in the proceedings.

If they find that sexual misconduct did occur, it would serve as a damning critique of the Spurs' response.

Primo's behavior had been repeatedly brought up to team leadership, but they failed to respond in a timely manner. As a result, the potential now exists for this to become a criminal matter, further embarrassing the franchise.

Popovich has claimed that older white men are the problem, but didn't take action when given the opportunity.

If the lawsuit is to be believed, Cauthen specifically asked that she not be subjected to further meetings with Primo. But team leadership requested she continue, leading to another alleged incident.

Primo has denied the allegations, and a Spurs statement issued Thursday said they disagreed "with the accuracy of facts" presented.

But now that a formal investigation appears to be underway, their decision making could be further implicated.

As always, the "believe all women" crowd doesn't seem to live up to that standard when it comes to protecting their own.

If the allegations are true, it would be yet another example of awe-inspiring hypocrisy from the woke left.

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