Jordan Peterson Could Lose Psychologists License For Criticizing Trudeau

Dr. Jordan Peterson says the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) is threatening to revoke his license to practice psychology for criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Tuesday, he tweeted that the CPO,  the governing body for Psychologists and Psychological Associates in Ontario, mandates he undergoes social-media communication retraining to atone for his thought-crimes.

Specifically, Peterson explains he is "to take a course of such training (with reports documenting my 'progress' or face an in-person tribunal and suspension of my right to operate as a licensed clinical psychologist."

As Toronto Sun reports, Canadian institutions have implanted similar requirements for officials who have criticized other doctors but never before for the violation of questioning the rule of the government.

That is the case no more.

"Peterson isn’t being asked to reconsider his actions towards a fellow psychologist online, he’s being asked to submit to social media training for political statements he’s made. None of the people who have lodged complaints are clients, Peterson said, nor are they connected to clients. They haven’t experienced personal harm from Peterson, but they want the good doctor to be punished," the outlet comments.

Peterson continues:

So, in 2022, our northern neighbors are openly threatening the livelihoods of individuals for criticizing government figures.

Peterson's tweet reads like a paragraph from George Orwell's dystopian novel, "1984." But that's hardly a rarity under the control of Justin Trudeau.

Agreeing with the Official Opposition is career-damning, under his watch.

Last February, Trudeau's wacky government froze hundreds of bank accounts associated with the "Freedom Convoy."


Canadian citizens shall not protest, criticize, or even think too negatively of their master. Their reputations, careers, futures and license to practice psychology are at stake.

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