Joe Biden Wanders Away When Asked About COVID Lab Leak

COVID origins have been an increasing topic of conversation recently, but not if you’re Joe Biden.

The Department of Energy recently released a report concluding that COVID most likely came from the Wuhan lab.


FBI Director Christopher Wray then confirmed that the agency also believes the virus leaked from the lab.

Despite major media outlets inexcusably dismissing these conclusions, the lab leak has become an important part of pandemic discussion.

Joe Biden, being the most powerful man in the world, was asked about it by a reporter.

But in classic Biden fashion, he immediately turn and wandered away instead of answering a remotely difficult question.

Biden may be one of our country’s best comedians. Unintentionally, of course.

The vacant expression and immediate about face were comedic perfection.

Biden Scared of Questions

While hilarious and incredible to watch, it’s also a perfect example of the Biden presidency.

He’s been so protected by media outlets uninterested in criticizing the leader of their political party, he can’t handle even the most basic, “difficult” questions.

Biden knows that admitting that the lab leak is the most likely scenario would be a huge black mark on Anthony Fauci’s record.

Fauci repeatedly assured the public that the lab leak was an impossible conspiracy theory. But has since had to backtrack as evidence emerged proving him wrong.

Biden promoted Fauci to his “chief medical advisor,” and the administration has endlessly praised him and his work.

But the lab leak hypothesis poses a direct contradiction to Fauci’s claims. So Biden hides instead of answering.

Nothing better exemplifies his presidency than that.

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