Joe Biden Has Been On Vacation For 40% Of His Presidency

Despite having the most important and powerful job in the world, few people on earth take more vacations than Joe Biden.

The Biden administration’s incompetence has once again been in the news recently, with the escalation of the inevitable border crisis.

Politicians capable of making important decisions and following common sense, like Ron DeSantis, have proposed solutions. But Biden’s handlers remain intent on exacerbating a problem they’ve created.

With the end of Title 42, many have expected further chaos across the Southern border.

So what is Joe Biden, the leader of the free world, doing in response?

Going on vacation. Of course.

That’s nothing new for the elderly Biden. RNC Research posted the president of the United States taking off, yet again, for his Delaware beach home.

And what’s worse is that this latest trip means he’ll have spent 40% of his presidency, 40%!!!, on vacation.


Biden Enjoys Constant Media Protection

As a matter of fact, what’s unbelievable is how unsurprising it is.

Biden’s mental faculties have clearly and rapidly declined, as he frequently wanders off stage with no idea where he’s going.

Given how little he works, it’s even more apparent that the administration is essentially run by his handlers.

What’s most frustrating though, is how much protection Biden receives from the media while vacationing.

If Donald Trump spent this much time out of office, the media would never stop hammering him for it. Same with Ron DeSantis.

But with Biden, it’s crickets.

Much the same way they covered for him when new evidence of family corruption emerged recently.


The Biden administration has been a complete disaster from day one. From pointless and ineffective vaccine mandates to border issues to transgender issues to runaway inflation.

By virtually every possible measurement, it’s been a comedy of errors, leading to one of history’s worst approval ratings.

Given his inability to get virtually any issue right or solve problems, maybe it’s a good thing he spends so much time on vacation. It’s just too bad no one in the media is objective enough to point that out.