Jemele Hill 'Outraged' Over MSNBC Firing Tiffany Cross, Blames Racism

Jemele Hill declared herself outraged, appalled, and crestfallen over the news that MSNBC fired weekend host Tiffany Cross, a woman who shares Hill's grave disdain for white people.

Hill accused MSNBC of cowardice and a disregard for black women. She has spent much of Saturday retweeting posts that attribute Cross' firing to "KKKarens" and "white nationalism."

MSNBC fired Cross because her program averaged only 600,000 viewers, a total that could hardly offset the weekly humiliation she inflicted upon the network.

In addition, a source told Variety that network executives grew frustrated with Cross’ failure to "meet the standards of MSNBC or NBC News."

It's unclear what "standards" MSNBC and NBC News, two of the more reckless news divisions in the industry, have instilled. That said, Cross was a cringe watch even at a network that employs Rachel Maddow and her lackey Chris Hayes.

Perhaps standards at MSNBC prohibit pundits from misreporting the skin colors of story subjects in order to make the fictitious point that white NFL coaches are racist against black players.

Here's Cross calling Samoan QB Tua Tagovailoa a victim of anti-black racism in the NFL:

Standards at MSNBC might urge hosts not to demand progressives "pick up a weapon and get involved" in the "war" for the survival of the country, as Cross did a year ago.

Cable news networks, even those as combative as MSNBC, tend to disapprove of anchors openly calling for violence.

Earlier this week, Cross opined that the government should "castrate" "dick of the country" Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state of Florida from the rest of the nation.

Last year, she warned that "white supremacists" in Congress fantasized about "replacing" minority voters with more white people. What evidence did she have of such a claim, one might ask? None. She didn't have any. She merely stoked hate by trade.

So, you see, Tiff Cross is either a deranged racist or plays one on television. Either way, she established herself as the most militant host on cable news in an industry that includes Joy Reid, Don Lemon, and Chris Cuomo.

Pretty impressive.

That is why MSNBC, a network overly tolerant to hate speech, fired her. The network didn't fire her because she's an outspoken black woman, as Jemele Hill states.

In fact, Cross' race and gender likely saved her from termination years ago. MSNBC routinely argues that corporate America must elevate more black women and subsequently phase out white people. MSNBC had hoped never to have to fire anyone not old, white, and male again.

Understand that the line Cross had to cross was substantial. And yet she crossed it.

Jemele Hill accuses the television industry of too often de-platforming black women. Where is the evidence of that?

Just over the past three months, white men have entirely made up the list of recently fired cable news personalities, from Brian Stelter to Shepard Smith (on Thursday) to John Harwood to Jeffrey Toobin. That's not to say those schmucks didn't deserve their firings. But it's to show the pattern of termination is in no way correlated to black women.

In actuality, Hill is warning networks to never, under any circumstance, dismiss a black female host. She's forewarning other networks that similar tweetstorms await should they include a single black woman in future cuts.

White or black, Tiffany Cross was an ignominy to the cable-news industry. And that's quite the statement given the other jokers currently hosting programs on CNN and MSNBC.

Perhaps Tiff Cross and Jemele Hill could start a podcast together. They could cover -- and this is just an idea, so hear me out -- racism.

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