Jeffree Star, Gay Influencer, Calls Pronouns 'Stupid,' Says They Were Made Up Out Of Boredom During Pandemic

Jeffree Star, a 37-year-old gay influencer, is not a fan of pronoun culture.

Star, who made waves last month for teasing a gay relationship with a yet-to-be-named NFL player, finds the ever-popular use of pronouns to be "stupid."

The makeup influencer said as much last week during an appearance on the Bussin' With the Boys podcast. Bussin' is co-hosted by current Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan and NFL free agent linebacker Will Compton.

"I'm not into all the other bullshit," Star, who regularly cross-dresses, told Lewan. "The 'they' and 'them' and all that extra shit that we added during the pandemic because everyone is so bored in their f*cking houses. They just started to make up more shit."

Jeffree Star Is Openly Gay

Star has nearly 14 million Instagram followers and just under 16 million YouTube subscribers. He's been an extremely popular voice within the LGBTQ+ community for nearly a decade and is often most recognized for his pink hair and tattoos.

And though he dresses like a female, that doesn't mean he's on board with identifying as one or as a pronoun. In fact, he's of the opinion that those who do so are ridiculous.

"I'm just real," insisted Star. "You're not 'they' and 'them,' you're trans. You're male or female."

This is not a new opinion from Star. He told Bussin' that people are often offended by his opinion on pronouns. But that doesn't mean he plans to shy away from his beliefs.

"How are you a 'they,' asked Star, rhetorically. "What the f*ck does that mean?"

Then, Star hammered home his point by telling Lewan: "It's stupid is what it is.

"But you need someone like me, who looks like me to say it. If you say it, it turns into, 'you're homophobic you hate trans people, you hate gays."

Lewan, for those that don't know, is a 6'7", married white guy who weighs more than 300 pounds and spends his Sundays attempting to block angry NFL defensive linemen.

Star then circled back and added a final message about his thoughts on pronouns: "You don’t hate anyone, you just think it’s stupid.”

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