Hunter Biden's N-Bombs Illuminate Media's Political Double Standards

Hunter Biden, the president's son, used the n-word several times in text conversations with his $800 dollar an hour attorney to celebrate the fact that the media wasn't covering his latest failures very aggressively. As I write this column the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN have not covered the story at all.

Whatever you think of Hunter Biden, or politics in general, this is a perfect example of blatant media hypocrisy and dishonesty. Consider, for just a moment, what these four media outlets would have done if one of Donald Trump's sons had used the n-word in a text conversation with his $800 dollar an hour attorney. And if he'd been bragging about how the media wasn't covering him extensively and thanking the attorney for his work in keeping the discussion of his latest transgressions to a minimum in the public sphere.

One of Trump's sons using the n-word would have led the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, and the CNN for a week or more, potentially a month. It would have never totally disappeared. There would have been calls for congressional investigations into the matter, White House media would have peppered President Trump with questions on the issue for months.

Yet Hunter Biden uses the n word and there's near total and complete silence from some of the largest media outlets in our country. The truth is that based on the media silos many of us now live in, many, if not most, of these media outlet's readers and viewers will not ever see the Hunter Biden story at all.

It's been effectively erased from left wing media.

Now you can argue, as some do, that Hunter Biden's use of the n-word is not newsworthy because Hunter Biden is merely the son of the president, not a political figure himself. I've already mentioned this same logic wouldn't have applied if one of Trump's sons had been accused of this behavior, but let's look at other stories featuring people who also aren't political figures using the n-word.

Let's see what sort of precedent these media outlets have applied in other situations such as these, when the n word is used in a non-racist manner. That is, when it wasn't necessarily being used as an insult to demean a racial minority. Has the same standard of media non-coverage applied?

Of course not.

Let's look at the data.

Mimi Groves was a 15 year old high school cheerleader who used the n-word in a three second Snapchat video to celebrate getting her driver's license. When the video went viral, Groves, a Loudon County, Virginia teenager, lost her admission to the University of Tennessee, including her ability to be a cheerleader at the university. The New York Times wrote a front page article about her.

Let me repeat this, the New York Times didn't deem Hunter Biden's use of the n-word to be newsworthy, but they believed a 15 year old high school girl's use of the n-word was newsworthy. So newsworthy in fact, that they put it on the front page of their Sunday newspaper so the largest possible audience would see the story.

Which is a more significant figure: A high school teenager, who happens to be a minor at the time the video was made, or the president's son?

According to the New York Times, the high school girl was.

Okay, well maybe that was just an aberration.

Except it wasn't.

Morgan Wallen is a country music star. Last summer he used the n-word as he returned home after a night out drinking. Wallen's music was pulled off stations and he's still apologizing today. His career has not returned to any sense of normalcy. The New York Times has written 13 different articles about Wallen's use of the n-word and the fallout resulting from that usage. So a 27 year old country singer's use of the n-word is 13x as newsworthy as the president's own son according to the New York Times.

Last year NASCAR driver Kyle Larson used the n-word while participating in a racing simulation online. Larson was suspended for a year by NASCAR. A search of the New York Times database reveals that the Times wrote eight different articles referencing Larson's use of the n-word. So a NASCAR driver who most of America hasn't heard of was 8x as newsworthy as the president's own son according to the New York times.

In the past year the New York Times has set a clear precedent, use of the n-word, regardless of the context or intent, is worthy of massive coverage for the newspaper when it comes to a high school cheerleader, a country music singer, and a NASCAR driver, but not when it's the president's own son? How is that a remotely consistent standard? How can anyone with a functional brain look at this data and not see clear bias at play here. Hunter Biden, a 51 year old grown man who has used his father's career to make millions of dollars, is being protected by the mainstream media, they are his sword and shield.

And it's not just the New York Times. Search CNN's database and it shows they had ten stories about Wallen's use of the n-word, four stories about Larson doing the same and zero about Hunter Biden. The Washington Post has eight stories about Wallen's use of the n-word and five about Kyle Larson's use of the n-word. And zero about Hunter Biden. (I attempted to search the MSNBC archives, but they were too much of a search mess. I'm confident the numbers are similar for them, however.)

Purely from a news perspective, regardless of your politics, how is this disparate treatment from the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN remotely justified in the past year? Why are we holding a high school cheerleader, a country music singer and a NASCAR driver to a higher standard of behavior than we are holding the president's own son?

Think about how dishonest this is, particularly given how rapidly the left wing media falls all over itself to allege white privilege or systemic racism the moment anyone other than a Democrat does anything remotely insensitive. If anything, Hunter Biden is THE POSTER CHILD FOR WHITE PRIVILEGE. Far from being held accountable for any of his behavior, he was recently lauded by the mainstream media over a BOOK HE WROTE ABOUT HIS DRUG ADDICTION AND NO ONE EVEN QUESTIONED HIM ABOUT ANY OF HIS BEHAVIOR IN AN AGGRESSIVE MANNER.

Hunter Biden has such privilege right now that far from refusing interviews given all the skeletons in his closet, he embarked on a media tour to promote his book. And no one who interviewed him raised any of these issues! Are our media independent examiners of those in power or are they public relations agents? Because it certainly seems like they're PR agents for everyone in the Democratic party.

There are no allegations of white privilege or suggestions that Hunter's n-bombs represents systemic racism. The story just completely disappears. In fact, many of you reading this right now might be hearing about the existence of these text messages for the first time.

Plus, it's not as if Joe Biden himself has a sterling record on race. As evidenced by his own vice president essentially calling him a racist back in the debates, Biden has a messy record on issues of race. And it's not all in the past. Biden effectively ended his own 2008 presidential campaign by saying of then-candidate Barack Obama in February of 2007. "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American, who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man."

"Articulate" and "bright" and "clean" and a "nice-looking guy?!" The first "mainstream African-American?!" Obama's so incredible that it's a "storybook?!"

Biden told on himself here, he has incredibly low expectations of black people. None of these compliments are really compliments at all, in fact. If you were dating a woman and you complimented her by saying you were excited to date her because she was the first woman you'd ever dated who was bright, clean, nice-looking, and articulate, would the woman swoon at your compliments? Or should she immediately cease dating you and warn all her girlfriends to do the same because you were incredibly weird?

It's the latter.

I mean, come on, what Biden said about Obama is more racist than anything Donald Trump ever said about a black politician. And it just vanished.

Back in a 1977 Senate hearing on busing, Senator Joe Biden said, "Unless we do something about this (school integration) my children are going to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point."

A racial jungle?!

Referencing his own children!

That seems like a fairly good jumping off point to address Hunter Biden's use of the n-word. Did Biden keep his kids out of integrated "racial jungle" schools? And could that decision have led to racial awkwardness for his grown son? I mean, come on, this isn't even a difficult question to ask or a difficult story to write. It's right there on the public record.

If one of Donald Trump's sons had used the n-word everything Trump had ever said about race would have been explored for months. But Biden's son does it and it isn't even covered at all. Not one iota! By all the media outlets that claim to be bastions of truth and honesty. Democracy dies in darkness, you know, and all that jazz.

Just in the past year alone Biden has publicly stated that if you aren't voting for him, you aren't black, said black kids are just as smart as white kids, after saying the opposite, and just recently said black people have trouble with small business success because they don't have access to lawyers or accountants. Which, you know, probably came as a surprise to all the black lawyers and accountants out there. (To say nothing of the white, Asian and Hispanic lawyers and accountants who can also help black small businesses.)

If you go through a history of Joe Biden's comments on race, it's fairly clear Biden is at best tone deaf on most issues of race and at worst, again based on his own words, racist himself, in that he believes black people are inferior in their capabilities to white people, which is the foundational belief of racism. (This, by the way, is the deep secret that many left wing white people believe at their core. The reason they are so race-obsessed is many of these people don't believe black people are capable of success without white handouts. They embrace the white savior concept, which is, at its root, true white supremacy. Because it posits that only with white support are black people capable of success in this country.)

Again, regardless of your politics, in a media obsessed with race, white privilege and systemic racism how is the president's own son using the n-word and getting a free pass not the absolute essence of white privilege itself? How can institutions like the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN justify refusing to cover this story? And what does it say about our media in general that we hold high school cheerleaders, country music singers, and NASCAR drivers to a higher standard of behavior than the son of the most powerful person in the free world?

It sure looks like the biggest privilege of all isn't white privilege, it's Democrat privilege. Because if you're on the Democratic team, your own actions, words and behavior don't matter at all, they just disappear. Don't believe me? Go ask Tara Reade.

It's time for the New York Times to come up with a new slogan for its masthead: "All the news that's fit to print.* (*Unless you're a Democrat)"

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