America 2020: Where A 3-Second Video Is Weaponized & The Varsity Cheer Captain Is Taken Out

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The New York Times ran a story on December 26 that focuses on how a three-second Snapchat video in 2016 featuring a Virginia high school freshman named Mimi Groves saying “I can drive ni–ers” was saved by a classmate and later weaponized. The story is a runaway hit on social media. People are picking sides and deciding whether they’re Team Mimi or Team Jimmy Galligan, the classmate who weaponized the video when it could cause maximum damage to the high school cheerleader captain.

Here’s the timeline to this story:

• In 2016, 15-year-old Groves gets her license and fires up Snapchat. She rattles off “I can drive ni–ers” and hits send

• The video circulates around the Loudoun County school district with typical Snapchat attention, but that’s the end of it. People go on with their lives

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• Ms. Groves completes her freshman, sophomore, and junior years without the video causing problems

• Groves enters her senior year, things are going well. She’s the varsity cheer captain and headed to the University of Tennessee to join the Vols cheerleading team

• At some point during the 2019-20 school year, Galligan receives the video and he decides to keep it in his pocket

• In June 2020, as the George Floyd news breaks, Groves takes to Instagram and urges “people to ‘protest, donate, sign a petition, rally, do something’ in support of the Black Lives Matter movement,” according to the New York Times.

• “You have the audacity to post this, after saying the N-word,” someone writes on her post

• Galligan deploys the 2016 video of Groves

You lived through 2020, so you can guess what happened next. That’s right, a firestorm. The video circulated. Social media mobs attacked. TV stations ran stories. When the dust had settled, the target had been destroyed.

Tennessee told Groves she wouldn’t be welcomed at the school.

Galligan, happy with the results, told the Times he had zero regrets. “If I never posted that video, nothing would have ever happened,” he said. And because the internet never forgets, the clip will always be available to watch.

“I’m going to remind myself, ‘You started something. You taught someone a lesson.’”

And there it is, the real reason Galligan deployed that video to take out his target. Satisfaction. Payback. Retribution 2020. The Times says the two were friendly early on in their high school careers, but there’s no mention of bad blood here.

This feels like Galligan was filling his role as a Social Justice Warrior soldier who saw a target and struck. Groves just happened to be in the way. Is it a scumbag move? Of course. Should we be shocked that a video would be held back and launched at a later point? Not in the least.

Should the University of Tennessee feel like idiots for falling prey to mob justice? Absolutely. Instead of standing up and saying the prospective student had made a mistake as a 15-year-old, the school let mob justice dictate the rules.

Is Mimi’s life over because she had to enroll online at a community college during the fall of COVID 2020? It’s damaged because there’s an Internet history left behind, but she should be OK.

Does Galligan get through this unscathed? No. He’s in the same boat as Mimi. That Times story will sit on Google for decades.

What did we learn here? You better sit down at those kitchen tables and have conversations with your kids. You better make it clear that social media videos can come back to haunt them, and you better make it clear there are people like Galligan waiting to launch attacks.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. Few things.

    1. no she should of not felt forced to withdraw from her college.

    2. I also hate that word. In fact it should be banned. There is a very bad history with that word, and the fact it is used as a greeting by some is ignorant.

    3. This dude hates this word so much better never ever ever be caught saying it himself. That’s great he hates the word, me too. But he’s a hypocrite himself if he ever says it.

    • “““““Obviously you’ve never been around black basketball players. Years ago, I was a television news cameraman, covering the Denver Nuggets in and out of the locker room. Nearly all black players and the “word” was flying around like crazy…from one black player to another. And they were laughing and jostling each other. Also, today, that “word” is in nearly every rap song heard. Hey, I’m all for banning it, but my guess is that it could only be banned for white people…because no rap song incomplete without it.

      • Everything you just said can be done with education and understanding. But the problem, like you said, almost all in rap songs, tv shows and movies has the word in it. So what does that do? It’s basically saying that the word is still ok to use. to younger generation. When really people are to incompeentent

          • Banning words is prolly the worst idea you’ve come up with. Yes, there should be repercussions for the use of certain words at certain times but context and nuance would have to go along with it (and we all know how that works).

      • It is not just young black kids that use the word. I occasionally play pick up basketball with my son and other teenagers in our neighborhood. I have heard Asian, Hispanic and white kids use that word and no one bats an eye. I guess its is like having a hood pass, now its the ni&&a pass I guess. The word is so common amongst today’s youth I am not sure how to root it out. Unless black leaders start really getting on board with not using it and an entire industry stops using it this won’t change.

        • Well. Now I might sound like a hypocrite now. But that’s another route to take. Transfer the meaning the word to something else. Like gay used to mean happy. Sadly we has a world did such a poor job educating people about the N word, people get confused by it. So it’s either or right? Stop using the word because of its past meaning. Or transition it to meaning something different where it doesn’t matter who says it.

  2. This young woman made a mistake. We all have. Everyone one of us who are between 30-55 years old have done regrettable things. I’m not saying I or any of you have used the N word, however I’m certain we’ve all done things we are so glad are not taped or on social media. The young woman realizes this mistake, has learned from it and I’m confident will be a much better person and contributor to society on account of this. Shame on The NY Times and all media for blasting this. Where is the publicity of a black hoops player in the NBA when he calls a white player a “white bitch”. Shame on the University of TN for not allowing her now. If they really want to be “woke” why don’t they review their hoops and football players social media accounts. All of them!! See how many of these athletes have used words that are not PC. Are they going to kick them out of school? Remove their scholarships? I guarantee there are some comments they made in the recent past. I’m not saying kicking them out is the right action. By no means. Just that how they treated this young woman is sickening. Double standard for sure!

  3. Have you noticed how its okay for white folks to buy music that have lyrics using the word that will kill careers for certain ethnicity’s, but its not okay to sing along to the song and use the “word”. I suggest rap artists sell “sanitized” versions for white folks. Or just not allow white folks to buy the music. That seems like the fairest way to go.


  4. The woke elite leftists do not realize blacks call each other “niggah” and use the term without hesitation all the freaking time. In social situations , it will be in every sentence it seems. So, if you are 15 and even white, hanging out in those situations you hear it and even say it. It’s called the “N card” when your black friends give you permission to talk like they do.

    Of course the leftists that must protect the blacks from this faux oppression have never actually spoken to a black person in their “native” environment.

  5. Problem is whatever that thing is in the picture above is thinks they can change lives behind a keyboard or a screen. Real men acknowledge being young, learning from it and moving on. I think you can talk with your kids all you want but sometimes they have to figure things out just like we all did, they have to learn all social media should just be for your reputation only and then you can be whoever you want to be with your friends.

  6. 20+ years ago I was told never send an e-mail/text that couldn’t be printed on the front page of a newspaper or, view/download content that was questionable. Wasn’t that hard to figure out. I really don’t understand how people continue to get in these situations. Nor do I care.

    As far as I’m concerned, the internet should be used for commerce, sharing information in business, science, education, etc. As it was intended. I know, I’m a dud.

  7. Anybody read the next tweet after the video tweet put out?

    ‘The ‘Cancel Culture’ master, of his homosexual domain

    Jimmy Galligan’

    Did that tweet just admit homosexuals and cancel culture go together? I mean it’s true in a lot of ways…it cancels you out of having a functional immune and digestive system, the gene pool and civilization building.

  8. “I’m going to remind myself, ‘You started something. You taught someone a lesson.’”

    lol.. This quote is amazing. In this dude’s rabbit ass mind he’s a hero. People that tell on others online need to go lay down in traffic.

  9. By the time I was 8 years old, I knew certain words were not okay for me to say in public or to another person based on that person’s background. This girl’s parents really dropped the ball with her. As for the Jeffrey Star imitator, well, I’ll just leave it at that.

    • Meh, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the parents. Even if she has some all-star parents it’s no guarantee she wouldn’t smoke pot, drink underage, fight, use profane language, shoplift, etc, etc. Kids do dumb shit.

  10. These people are self-loathing. They hate themselves so deeply that lashing out is the easiest recourse. I don’t pity them, though, because they are destructive and should be blunted. Society has given them a pass but ultimately they’ll be consumed by it, and themselves.

  11. University of Tenn is by far the biggest disappointment in this story. Galligan is a disturbed punk, but internet is full of those. UT should be held accountable for their dispicable behavior.

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