Hogwarts Legacy Video Game Given 1/10 Review Due to Lack of ‘Queer’ Employees

Hogwarts Legacy has become the latest victim of the absurdities of modern woke media discourse.

The newly released video game, based on a version of Hogwarts from 100 years before the Harry Potter series, has been extremely popular. Even an organized boycotting campaign hasn’t stopped sales.


Most gamers have appreciated the attention to detail, graphical prowess and exceptionally large world building.

The user score on Metacritic, for example, is a stellar 9.2/10 with nearly 1,600 ratings.

Don’t tell Wired that though.

Hogwarts Legacy might be their least favorite, most poorly reviewed game of the year. Not because the game isn’t good enough, fun enough or doesn’t have a compelling story.

Nope. It’s because of J.K. Rowling, and the fact that too few of the developers were members of the “queer” community.

Welcome to peak woke.

One of the reviewers chief criticisms is that Rowling’s defense of biological sex makes any property associated with her automatically problematic.

And because of Rowling, the reviewer claims that anyone buying the game is going to “cause harm.”

Hogwarts Facing Ridiculous Criticism

“Combined with who this game helps and who it harms, well, it's definitely not worth it unless your goal is to cause harm.”

They then move to blaming their dislike of the game on the supposed lack of LGTBQ+ representation among employees.

“There’s a direct correlation between how open Rowling becomes about her bigotry, and how flat and heartless Wizarding World media becomes. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think it’s because LGBTQIA+ people and genuine allies are some of the best creative minds in the world, and these films and this game were made largely without them.”

Ah yes, of course, the game isn’t good enough because it doesn’t have enough “genuine allies.” It’s unclear how the reviewer decides who is a “genuine” ally and who’s a “fake” ally. But such is the privilege of the woke; never having to explain the nonsensical claims they make.

The reviewer also claims that the “quiet solidarity” of queer people is visible throughout.

“In the yawning emptiness at the heart of Hogwarts Legacy I see the quiet solidarity of queer people and our allies in game development.”

It’s hard to believe that this is the level of “journalism” involved in reviewing video games, but this is what woke media does. It creates fake narratives based on internal prejudices, then creates excuses to justify bias and criticism.

The work of any individuals who do not conform to the “correct” ideology is automatically unsatisfactory. Because politics and virtue signaling come before reality and objective analysis.

The modern woke media doesn’t demand quality from its entertainment, it demands that its entertainment be made by people who satisfy the correct diversity quotient.

Hogwarts Legacy is likely not going to be affected by one ridiculous review. Regardless, no one should accept their absurd premise.

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