Google Finally Rescinds Vaccine Mandates, Two Years Too Late

Tech conglomerate Google has finally accepted reality and ended its proof of vaccination requirement to enter their offices.

Amazingly, Google apparently maintained this policy well into 2023.

According to CNBC, Google VP of Global Security Chris Rackow sent a company wide email to assuredly terrified employees announcing the change.

“Vaccines will no longer be required as a condition of entry to any of our buildings,” Rackow said.

He further explained that the COVID situation is far different than it was when their mandate was put in place.

"Last month marks three years since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic," Rackow wrote in his memo. "We put in place emergency measures such as our Covid-19 vaccine policy to keep everyone safe, but now the world is in a very different place. Most people today have some level of immunity against COVID-19, case rates and hospitalizations have stabilized for many months now, and governments all around the world — including the U.S. — are ending emergency declarations, lifting restrictions and ending vaccination mandates."

It’s a testament to the power of misinformation that companies like Google have continually enforced this inexcusable policy under the guise of keeping people safe.

It Took Google Two Years to Accept Reality

It’s great news that Google is ending its proof of vaccination requirement to enter their offices. It was an inexcusable, discriminatory policy that had no basis in science, data or evidence.

But the bigger question remains: how in the world did it take them this long?

Research has confirmed what data already showed; vaccine mandates were completely ineffective.


There was never any justification to mandate vaccines to keep others safe. But major companies did it anyway.

All because they put their trust in incompetent “experts” who were spectacularly wrong about virtually every important question of the pandemic.

But that’s really the story of modern, liberal corporations in a nutshell.

Unquestioning trust in government, in authority and in whatever the left says at any given moment.

They inaccurately promoted masks, vaccine passports and CDC misrepresentations.

Google couldn’t end their requirements until now because doing so would have meant admitting they and their enthusiastic censorship was wrong.

That was an intolerable outcome, and so they kept up the pretense years after they were proven wrong.

Avoiding embarrassment was more important than telling the truth.

Nothing’s more modern liberal corporation than that.