Fingerprints of Unvaccinated New York Teachers Reportedly Sent to the FBI

New York City engaged in repeated discrimination against unvaccinated workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But its efforts to mandate individual behavior may have been even more inexcusable than perviously realized.

According to a report from Fox News, the fingerprints of unvaccinated teachers were sent to the FBI with "problem code" flags.

One of the lawyers representing fired teachers suing the city over the mandates revealed that unvaccinated teachers now have a "flag in their file."

That flag could potentially impact their ability to get hired elsewhere.

"When the city puts these problem codes on employees who have been terminated because of their unconstitutional policies, not only do they have this flag in their files, but their fingerprints are sent with that flag to the FBI and the New York Criminal Justice Services, so it impacts their ongoing ability to get employment at other places," Bursch said recently.

One of the affected teachers appeared on ”Fox & Friends First” recently and expressed outrage at the staggering overreach.

"This is both outrageous and infuriating because my first question to the government or whatever, is basically, what did I do? What kind of criminal activity did I participate besides denying something that I felt that was right for me?" Rachelle Garcia said. "Religiously, mentally, I just didn't want anything experimental on my body, so what criminal activity does that persist?"

"I don't understand," she continued. "Like why am I being flagged? Why is my fingerprint being sent to the FBI?"

Unvaccinated Employees Targeted

Another investigative journalist, Betsy Combier, submitted an affidavit explaining how the local Education Department was able to allegedly “flag” teachers.

"I found out that the DOE has right now an agency called the Office of Personnel Investigation, and what they do is they have employees of the DOE who, forgive me, call themselves investigators, but they're not," Combier said. "So they work for OPI, and when they get an accusation from anybody, it doesn't matter who, well, the principals send it to them, but the original complaint against somebody could be made by anybody that this employee, that employee did something wrong."

These “problem codes” were used against unvaccinated teachers. Any without a submitted vaccination card was hit with an immediate flag sent to the FBI and Department of Justice.

This isn’t too surprising coming from a city that just recently ended vaccine mandates, years after they were disproven.


The state has not addressed these concerns, leading to calls for an investigation. Even some city employees, according to the Fox report, are “outraged” by the allegations.

If the city did in fact send private information with a “problem code” to the FBI, it’s undeniably concerning. And once again shows how COVID was used an excuse by governments and politicians to engage in inexcusable overreach.

Misinformation from “experts” on the ability of the vaccines to stop the virus immediately turned into executive action.

Politicians imposed mandates, based on inaccurate misconceptions of vaccine efficacy. Those mandates were enforced religiously by committed local authorities and administrators.

The human cost was borne by individuals who lost their livelihoods, among other inexcusable consequences. Now it turns out that the undesirable “unvaccinated” may have been punished with even more extreme methods.

And given Mayor Adams’ recent comments, COVID extremists like New York may never be done.