Failed TV Host Bomani Jones Calls Deion Sanders A Sell Out For Leaving HBCU

Failed ESPN television and radio host Bomani Jones appeared on Don Lemon's failing CNN morning show to declare Deion Sanders a sell-out for leaving Jackson State, a Historically Black College or University (HBCU), to coach at the University of Colorado.

Jones began by saying he understood Sanders' decision to leave for a higher profile job, then shifted gears.

“I wouldn’t have come in the first place and said that ‘God sent me here to fix HBCUs,’ and God decided that in the middle of it, you were supposed to leave?” Jones said. on Tuesday. " sold a dream and then walked out on the dream. People have the right to be critical of that.”

Bomani Jones didn't expect to receive much pushback for his gibberish. Yet "CNN This Morning" co-host Kaitlan Collins surprised him with a counter. Collins debunked Jones' assertion that Sanders didn't make good on his promise to improve the standing of HBCU football programs. She noted Sanders' 27-5 record in three seasons at Jackson State and the attention he brought to the school.

Ultimately, Collins argued that one cannot fault Sanders for leaving Jackson State for Colorado given the salary disparity.

Here's the segment below:

If Sanders, to use Jones' phrasing, sold a dream and walked out on that dream, so has every other college coach who left a program for a greater salary or opportunity.

Sanders never said he wouldn't entertain leaving an HBCU for a Power 5 coaching job. Simply, he pledged a determination to improve the status of HBCU programs so long as he served as the Jackson State head football coach.

And Sanders did, as Collins points out.

But CNN knew what it would get by inviting Bomani Jones on set. Jones appeared on CNN, a sister station to HBO, to promote the upcoming season of his program "Race Theory."

The first season of "Race Theory" on HBO often drew just 40,000 viewers, ranking below 2 am infomercials on CNBC in the cable charts.

Parent company Warner Bros. Discovery hopes to see the more racially-obsessed wing of CNN's 300,000 viewers give Jones' struggling program a chance this season.

Though we sincerely doubt cross-promotion with Don Lemon is the answer. See, no matter the corporate push, Jones has proven to be a perpetual failure. Television viewers and radio listeners have made it abundantly clear what they think of him: they don't like him and will not consume his content.

Jones' resume of failure is rather impressive and extensive. He has smashed several viewership records over the course of his career.

To name a few:

Bomani Jones' career makes recently-demoted and last-place morning show host Don Lemon's career look successful.

We don't suspect shaming Deion Sanders for not choosing a career as an HBCU coach will shift Jones' career in a successful direction. What say you?

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