'Experts' Pushing to Force Masks on Kids Again

If a group of "experts" have their way, mask mandates will be back in schools any day now.

According to the Daily Mail, multiple "experts" have recently openly advocated for these useless policies to return imminently.

Unsurprisingly, as soon as the midterms ended, they became a hot button issue once again.

Dr. William Schaffner from Vanderbilt University, said it's "reasonable" to mask kids due to the flu.

Dr. Mandie Svatek, a pediatrician at the University of Texas, also claimed that it's "definitely" time to return to masking.

Dr Mark Hicar, an expert in pediatric infectious diseases at University of Buffalo, agreed that wearing masks is "perfectly reasonable."

These mark further contributions to COVID panic pushers turning their attentions to different illnesses:


But of course, none of this is remotely "reasonable" or scientifically justifiable.

Masks, without question, do not work against respiratory viruses.

Every single pre-pandemic document confirmed that masks do not prevent the spread of the flu. The World Health Organization specifically pointed out the lack of evidence in their pandemic influenza preparedness document.

One Annex, entitled "Recommendations for non pharmaceutical public health interventions" summarized it perfectly. "Masking in public places," it says, is "not known to be effective" and "not encouraged."

Every randomized controlled trial conducted on influenza transmission showed they were ineffective.

Masks Don't Work, Experts Don't Care

Dr. Anthony Fauci knew masks didn't stop the flu in 2020. One of his employees emailed him a review in late March showing that all the high-quality evidence said they didn't work. He recommended them days later anyway.

Real world data has confirmed this as well.

Positive flu specimens disappeared in different countries at exactly the same time, despite wildly different policies.

In the United States specifically, flu disappeared before expert recommendations changed.

Yet the evidence has been ignored in favor of the pointless continuation of harmful policies.

Administrators in far left cities like San Diego recently told kids not to come to school unless they were masked.

Schaffner blatantly lied in his interview with Yahoo, saying "We have learned through COVID that masks do indeed provide an additional layer of protection."

Svatek advocated for toddlers to mask, saying, "Face masks for children two years and older can definitely be considered during this time where viruses such as the flu are predominant in our area."

This was always the danger in allowing experts to lie to the public. Now that they've abandoned any pretense of scientific justification, it's hard to see how they ever go back.

Masks have become a symbol of political and moral virtue. By claiming they work, despite the overwhelming contradictory evidence, "experts" created a permanent excuse to bring them back.

They conclusively failed to prevent COVID, and repeated trial data shows they fail to prevent the flu.

But "experts" now know they can lie with impunity and the protection of the media.

As a result, kids will now indefinitely be subject to the whims of incompetent bureaucrats. Should be a fun winter.