ESPN' Mark Jones Retweets Donald Trump is a 'White Supremacist Terrorist' Before Calling Army Game

ESPN's Mark Jones is still having a day. After saying police never help him and are more likely to shoot him this weekend, he was found grossly liking tweets mocking Nick Bosa's season-ending injury. Bosa supports President Donald Trump; thus in Jones' eyes, he deserves to be in pain and his career should be in jeopardy.

Outkick also found Jones sharing a Tweet calling Trump a "white supremacist terrorist."

ESPN is known to be a political network but this type of hate-spreading is new.

Jones is scheduled to call the Army football game this weekend.

When reached by Outkick, ESPN declined to comment on Jones sharing tweets calling Trump a terrorist.

This guy, Jones, is clearly off the chains. He's inconsistent, full of rage, and spreads baseless conspiracies.

Just the type of person fans want calling a football game while they try to escape from real-world issues.

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