Emails Reveal White House Official Asked Facebook to Censor Tomi Lahren on COVID Vaccines

Well Tomi Lahren certainly got under the skin of the Biden Administration.

What got them so upset? She dared to say publicly that she had no intention of getting one of the COVID vaccines.

Newly released emails show that White House Digital Director Rob Flaherty got very upset with Facebook for not censoring her opinions.

It’s yet another example of the federal government using tech companies to violate first amendment rights.

Flaherty’s cozy relationship with Facebook, as he references a phone conversation, meant he could reach out to get unfavorable opinions ”reduced.”

Sure enough, just a couple hours later, he got a response saying Facebook was ”running it down.”

Private companies censoring users at the behest of government is a direct violation of the First Amendment. But Biden and many on his ideological allies on left don’t care much for freedom of speech.

Tomi Lahren Latest Target of Left’s War on Free Speech

This situation is entirely ridiculous and completely unacceptable.

It’s unacceptable that the government is involved in policing speech, in direct violation of the rights of Americans.

It’s equally unacceptable that tech companies are willing to play along.

And it’s even more unacceptable that they targeted Lahren based on her stance on COVID vaccines.

The same vaccines that Biden blatantly lied about when he claimed you wouldn’t get COVID if you got the shots. Even Pfizer had no idea if that was true.


Then he lied about there being a ”pandemic of the unvaccinated” to scare more people into compliance.

But no one censored Biden for being hopelessly incorrect, let alone for simply giving an opinion.

That’s because the left never has to play by the rules they create.

For years, until Elon Musk bought Twitter, virtually every social media company was owned and operated by far left progressives.

Unsurprisingly, they’ve hysterically overreacted to facing enforcement of platform rules and seeing censorship demands fall on deaf ears.

Lahren will address being targeted by the Biden Administration on Monday’s Tomi Lahren is Fearless.

Stay tuned.

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