Elon Musk Has The Blue-Checks Panicking

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has offered to buy 100 percent of Twitter at a final purchase price of $43 billion.Of course, Twitter is unlikely to accept Musk's offer. Twitter shareholder Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has since objected to the idea. But should Musk find a way, the blue-checkmark brigade might just strike.As LouderWithCrowder.compointed out, the reactions from the woke today are broken into three categories:

Because Twitter is rarely a humorous place, we make it a priority to point out whenever it is. Like today.Here are some of the funniest responses we've seen to the idea that Musk could buy Twitter and allow free speech on the platform:

Got that? We will need more “content moderation” for “democracy” to survive. At least Mr. Boot has the Ukrainian flag in his Twitter handle. That meanshe's not pro-Putin.

Bet no one buys that guy's book. Who gave him a check?

So far, this might be the best tweet. Someone verified was dumb enough to compare Musk trying to buy Twitter with Nazi Germany.In case you were wondering, Jarvis is a professor at the City University of New York. Nutjob.Over on CNN+, Brian Stelter is panicking:

Perhaps his viewers -- all 10,000 of them -- agree?The USA Singers, which says it "stands against Fascism" in its bio, wants Twitter to delete Musk's account for daring to buy the service:

Even the guy who always begs MSNBC for a role on the bench has weighed in:

If Musk were somehow to purchase Twitter, the angry pro-censorship crowd may have to start their own Twitter, as the conservatives did with Parler, Gettr and Gab.Imagine a Twitter alternative that's even more woke than Twitter, one that demands proof of vaccination and the inclusion of preferred pronouns in every bio. It could happen.Elon Musk is the biggest threat to Big Tech censorship. In fact, he might be the only real threat. Thank you, Elon.If you see any more great tweets, send them our way.

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