Early Voters in Key Battleground States Search How to Change Their Vote on Google

Recently, Google searches have spiked with the words "change my vote." According to Google Trends data, the users have also searched "Hunter Biden."

There are indications that voters who cast their ballot early now regret their pick, and President Donald Trump believes that these voters initially cast their vote for Joe Biden but now wish to vote for him instead.

Arizona, Tennessee, and Virginia residents have most frequently searched to see if they can change their votes. However, none of the three states allow a second shot at the polls.

Arizona is particularly alarming. Few states, if any, are as crucial as Arizona is to the election. As we wrote Monday, President Trump almost certainly must win Arizona for a re-election.

Now, voters feel they may have selected the wrong man for the next four years. Great.

The New York Post notes that Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, and Wisconsin have specific laws allowing residents to change their minds after casting an initial vote.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission says “many voters” have recently been in contact to see how they could revoke their absentee ballot. Michigan law reads: "if a voter has already voted absentee and wishes to change their vote … a voter can spoil their ballot by submitting a written request to their city or township clerk." Polls show Biden ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin, both above the margin of error.

New York also allows voters who mailed-in an absentee ballot to submit a new ballot, Newsy reports, but Biden will take New York whether some voters have a change of heart or not.

None of this is good news. The last thing our divided country needs is for a losing candidate to blame his loss on state laws that either permit or prohibit voters from changing their ballot. It also demonstrates the problems associated with mail-in ballots and early voting.

Americans should not be allowed to vote before the final debate for the same reason that jurors are not allowed to make their decision in court before closing arguments. New information may yet be revealed. As 2016 showed, reports that could change minds come out in the final week before the election. There's a reason why we have Election Day. The candidates have until said day to make their case.

Currently, 58.5 million Americans have already voted.

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