Dove Soap Is Fed Up With Fat Appropriation And 'The Whale'

Fat appropriation.

That is the debate following the 2023 Oscars.

Monday, Soap and hygiene company Dove took a stand against the film "The Whale," for casting a man in a fat suit as opposed to an obese man to play the role of its protagonist.

Brendan Fraser, who won Best Actor, plays the titular character wearing over 300 pounds of prosthetics. Dove, apparently, prefeed the studio cast an actual 600-pound actor to play the part.

The soap brand responded to a random Twitter user who professed her outrage over the film appropriating people like her, meaning obese Americans.

Her words; not ours:

That's certainly an interesting hill to die on.


Advocating for the casting of a 600-pound actor who might not survive the taping is a unique progression of the outrage movement.

Of course, this isn't the first time the woke have argued the film grossly appropriates fat culture, which is now a thing.

Last September, a film critic for Rolling Stone and Vulture declared the producers of "The Whale" a bunch of skinny" absolute pricks" for not including enough fat people in the production of the film.

"You can tell that no actually fat peoples were involved in the production b/c of a major plot point where the protagonist is dying, but refuses to go to the hospital even though he has money to pay the bills," tweeted a character called Katie Rife.


She also advised the fat folks to avoid watching the film in protest.

The outrage over "The Whale" equals that of the Rotten Tomatoes critic who claimed “Avatar: The Way of Water” is a form of  “cultural appropriation." Meaning, far from certifiably sane.

That goody journalist alleged that casting white people as blue aliens is both racist and harmful. It's called #BlueFace, said the critics

A lot of talk about appropriation these days. Except, of course, for the appropriation of women by biological males.

That does make the outrage cut. But fat certainly does.

Honestly, of all the cultures to appropriate, we suspect fat culture is not one of them.

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