Don Lemon Wants Unvaccinated People To ‘Face Some Consequences’

Don Lemon, who up until this point has done whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases, would like unvaccinated people to "face some consequences" for their choices. Strong words from a man whose reputation is as sour as his last name.

Slavitt is the Biden administration’s White House senior advisor for COVID response. He responded to Lemon by saying, in part: “Look, the elephant in the room here is that about 20% of the public really doesn’t believe in science or institutions or the establishment.”

It's possible Slavitt needs his eyesight checked because he somehow missed the real elephant in the room -- Don Lemon.

Lemon has dodged questions about whether he sexually assaulted a man in a Hampton's bar, publicly bashed Joe Rogan because his stance on COVID treatments differs from his own, and now he refuses to acknowledge that he tipped off his hoax-artist friend Jussie Smollett that police weren't buying his fake story.

Without any sense of self-awareness, Dumbo Don continued plodding through the circus of bullshit Thursday evening and condescendingly told Slavitt: “And you won’t be able to convince (the unvaccinated). They’re not convincible.”

And because the unvaccinated think differently than Lemon, he has decided they should face consequences.

Meanwhile, Lemon has yet to face any real consequences for his own series of missteps. He did, however, turn on Smollett once he was proven guilty. Because it's better to bury a friend than bruise a Lemon, right?


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