Disney/ESPN Silent As New Contributor Jemele Hill Says All Trump Voters Are Racist

ESPN, the worldwide leader in far left wing sports, doesn't respect you if you are conservative, moderate, or a mainstream Democratic voter. They only respect far left wing politics and ideologies. That's fine, it's their business right to do so, but it's continuing to destroy their brand with the majority of sports fans in the country.

Ten days ago ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski emailed Republican senator Josh Hawley, "Fuck you," when Hawley had the gall to point out NBA's extreme hypocrisy when it came to issues of human rights in China and Hong Kong. ESPN later suspended Wojnarowski and disavowed his behavior.

But it was telling that many in the company publicly praised Wojnarowksi for his comments.

Now Jemele Hill, the producer of a Colin Kaepernick documentary that will air on ESPN, Tweeted that all Donald Trump voters were racists. (Presumably this includes Hill's own mom, who voted for Trump in 2016.)

Her Tweet was direct: "If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room."

These comments are significant because just two weeks ago Disney and ESPN announced they'd hired Colin Kaepernick and were bringing Jemele Hill back to produce a documentary to air on the network. (This was likely motivated by a New York Times story in the works that called ESPN executives racist. After all, what better way to prove you aren't racist than by hiring two racists, Kaepernick and Hill, and giving them millions of dollars for a racist documentary?).

ESPN stated in its press release announcing the Colin Kaepeernick signing: "The first project in development as part of this deal is an exclusive docuseries chronicling Kaepernick’s journey. Using extensive new interviews and a vast never-before-seen archive that documents his last five years, Kaepernick will tell his story from his perspective. Libby Geist, Kevin Merida and Connor Schell will executive produce for ESPN. Kaepernick has enlisted the help of Jemele Hill, who previously worked for both ESPN and The Undefeated, as a producer on the project."

This means ESPN is paying Colin Kaepernick and Jemele Hill millions of dollars to air their content on its network. While Disney & ESPN may try to dodge the attention to Hill's comments by stating that Hill isn't technically an employee or an independent contractor, this is corporate subterfuge. ESPN is paying money that ends up in Hill's pocket to advance her political beliefs.

This isn't Hill's first accusation involving racism and Donald Trump.

Three years ago Hill called Trump a "white supremacist."

At the time ESPN said Hill's comments were unacceptable.

Now Hill is back at ESPN and she's advanced her accusation farther, it's not just Trump who is a white supremacist now, all Trump voters are racists.

Included among those racists would be tens of millions of ESPN viewers of all races.

It's a blanket insult without any intelligence, nuance, or logic behind it.

So of course that means it's a wildly popular Twitter opinion.

But I want you to pause for a second and consider what the response would be at ESPN if a prominent employee went on Twitter and called all Joe Biden or Barack Obama voters racists. Do you think ESPN would continue to give millions of dollars to those employees to produce content to air on the network?


Do you think ESPN would even continue to employee that person?

Of course not, that person would be fired immediately. (Just like Adrian Wojnarowski would have been fired if he'd responded, "Fuck you," to AOC instead of Senator Hawley.)

ESPN has picked a side, the far left wing of sports. They don't respect you if you vote for Donald Trump or even consider voting for Donald Trump. They don't want your business if you're a Republican. In fact, they believe you are all racist and Colin Kaepernick and Jemele Hill are the real heroes.

Worse than that, ESPN has an entirely different standard for what employees and those affiliated with the company can say based on which side of the political aisle they support. Far left wing Democrats can say anything they want, everyone else has to stay silent for fear of being fired.

Let me be clear here, I don't have a problem with people having political opinions. I even think the idea that companies should be policing their employee political comments is a bad precedent and I've written and said that for years.

But I do have a problem when the biggest sports media company in the country, and one of the biggest media companies in the entire world, has a clear double standard when it comes to which political opinions are allowed to be aired publicly.

Jemele Hill can insult half the country and Disney and ESPN support her comments. But if another Disney and ESPN employee similarly insulted the other half of the country they would be fired on the spot.

It's just not right, the treatment of all employee political opinions should be the same, whether they are left wing or right wing.

But that's not the case in sports media.

WokeCenter's gonna WokeCenter, y'all.

Thank God for Outkick, because if we didn't exist there would be no sanity anywhere in sports media.

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