Dave Portnoy: 'Politicians Are Stealing the Basic Right To Earn A Living'

Friday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he is shutting down indoor dining in New York City, citing an increase in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations.

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy reacted to the news in a viral rant that has half of Twitter appalled as they head into their stay-at-home weekends.

“How do you expect these people to survive?,” Portnoy asks. “What? Are people going to go out to dinner now in ice cold temperatures? It’s insanity. And this isn’t about corona or how dangerous, and the hospitals, and rising. It’s not. Listen, the vaccine is right around the corner. If you’re health impaired, you’re afraid of it, you’re old — don’t go out. Stay inside for three months. The vaccine is coming, but let people decide.”

At the end, Portnoy hit on the main point: let young and healthy people gauge for themselves their own level of risk.

Governors like Cuomo cite health "risk," and leave out other considerations, like the economic risk of shutdowns and closings.


Similarly, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy's statewide suspension of indoor high school and youth sports will have devastating social and mental consequences for students. Brian Kilmeade succinctly described the situation as "lazy," which applies to most of the COVID-related demands.

Last month, single mother Larvita McFarquhar described her situation as “horrible financially." She had to break Minnesota guidelines in order to reopen her self-owned bar and pay her bills. McFarquhar explained that, despite the state taking away her income, her bar's expensive bills and taxes are still due.

Instead of making proper adjustments and separating those at risk of death from those who aren't, Democratic decision-makers issue broad demands for everyone.

Except for themselves. They don't have to follow their own rules.

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