Brian Kilmeade on Canceling High School Sports

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Monday, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced a statewide suspension of indoor high school and youth sports to curb the spread of COVID-19.

On Fox News Radio, Brian Kilmeade explained the insanity of the decision and how it could have been handled better. Buckle up. It’s good:

“You [could have] let these kids go into the locker rooms five-seven at a time,” Kilmeade notes. “You restrict them. You don’t sit them.”

“Now these kids are going to be going home after school, if they can go to school, and doing nothing.”

The New Jersey governor has even suspended swimming with its big ruling. “Swimming has almost no cases,” Kilmeade goes on. “You hop in the water, and you swim alone with goggles.”

Fox News’ Sandra Smith reports that there has been no coronavirus spread at indoor pool facilitates within the state, adding the CDC’s finding that chlorine stops the spread of COVID-19.

“This is called ‘lazy,'” Kilmeade continues. “Too lazy to find out why the hockey numbers are up, so you make a broad-sweeping statement and sit these kids back in their basements.

“We have to live through this. Vaccines are on the horizon. Why destroy these kids’ lives and memories when you could prevent that from happening?

“We have to teach kids to overcome hurdles, not give in to hurdles. We used to be the ‘How can we get this done?’ society. Now we are ‘How can’t we get this done?'”

Strong, powerful, and accurate words. The memories being taken away from these students are irreplaceable, memories that they could have cherished and looked back on forever. Gone.

There is risk, however, as Kilmeade says, we have to learn to overcome challenges and let those who aren’t vulnerable push through. There’s also a severe risk in taking away the only social activities certain students have. The reality of falling behind socially, a necessary life skill we pick up during school years, sits atop.


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  1. Please elaborate how shut downs have stopped the virus. Learn to live with it because shut downs do not magically make the virus disappear. Shut downs are not a cure and more harmful than the virus to young people. Again attacking the messenger versus debating the issue.

    Your approach to discussion and debate are as phony as those 80 million votes.

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