Crash Left Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Limping, Other Car T-Boned

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was fortunate to walk away from a car accident without serious injury on Wednesday, though he did leave with a limp and a busted up ride.

TMZ obtained video of the accident, which OutKick previously reported occurred around 8:10 pm Wednesday evening, that eventually led to a precautionary hospital visit for the Cowboys owner.

As the video shows, Jones' black sedan slammed into the driver's side of a silver Hyundai, sending the car spinning, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic. The driver in the silver four-door vehicle was attempting to make a left turn across an intersection. This all went down roughly 20 miles outside of Dallas' team headquarters.

Moments after the crash, Jones was seen limping along a nearby sidewalk, checking on the driver and any passengers within the Hyundai, and tending to his left leg.

View the crash and the moments that followed in the video below.

Fortunately, neither Jones, nor anyone in the silver Hyundai, suffered serious injuries. At one point, Jones and people surrounding the scene were even noticed smiling, shaking hands and talking on their phones.

Cowboys VP Stephen Jones, confirmed as much late Wednesday when he told the Dallas Morning News, Jerry "is all good." Then on Thursday, Stephen, Jerry's son, added that his father was "home and fine," via the Associated Press.

Jones, 79, has owned the Cowboys since 1989.


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