Cookie Dope: Ben & Jerry's Releases New Flavor With 'Squad' Member Cori Bush

Ben and Jerry's is teaming up with Missouri Democrat and Squad member Rep. Cori Bush to release a new ice cream flavor promoting social justice, and sprinkling in a serving of Defund the Police.

According to the New York Post, the featured flavor, titled "Change Is Brewing," is made up of "cold brew coffee ice cream with marshmallow swirls and fudge brownies." And just like listening to Cori Bush's stance on defunding cops but paying hundred of thousands of dollars in security, one scoop will surely lead to a headache.

B&J's spokesman Jabari Pall introduced the new flavor during a promotional event on Sept. 20.

“The flavor supports the vision of the world in which every community is safe and everyone including black and brown people can thrive,” stated Pall.

As reported by OutKick's Joe Kinsey, Ben and Jerry's history of unbearably woke politics includes militantly anti-Israel propaganda, a non-dairy, Colin Kaepernick-inspired media campaign and even introducing a new flavor to promote resistance of former Pres. Trump titled "Pecan Resist."

With Cori Bush as the inspiration for their new flavor, the company appears to be all in on adding nuts to its recipes moving forward.

Her advise to best enjoy the new flavor's subtle notes of cacao and single-origin coffee base: Suck it up!

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